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Why Do I, What is My Purpose?


A lot of people are under the impression that they are already motivated. This is precisely the reason why most people struggle.

You see, in the United States and elsewhere, we have been trained that if our pizza doesn't arrive 15 minutes after we have ordered it, then we are entitled to a full refund. The pizza shop may decide to give you a refund or not. What I'm talking about is discretion here. I'm talking about the feeling of "entitled to a refund". That's where we are culturally. That's where a lot of people are and this timeframe that we have continued to shrink thanks to the internet.

This is why a lot of people simply do not read anymore. When you check Facebook with your mobile device like a tablet or a smart phone, you're actually just scrolling and looking for keywords and scanning. You're not really reading. The same applies to websites and other apps. That's how our frame of mind has become fragmented. Our time horizon has shrunk and we are very impatient by definition.

We are impatient with the things that we engage with. We are impatient with ourselves. We are impatient with reality. That is why too many of us are frustrated. In fact, addiction rates and suicide rates in Western Europe and the United States are on the upswing. How can this be? Humanity has reached the unprecedented levels of material wealth, yet there are millionaires killing themselves. Can you imagine that?

A lot of this has to do with the fact that we have lost touch with a sense of purpose. We live on a day to day basis based on the trivialities in front of us. Let me ask you, when you see yourself in a funeral home, about to be buried in the ground, do you think you would care about how hard you worked? Do you think it would be a top priority for you if you had worked an extra day at your job? Of course not.

You would think about the big things. You would think about your purpose. That is why if you want to trigger unstoppable and consistent motivation so you can achieve states of flow, you need to learn how to get motivated. Click here for a practical guide on unstoppable motivation. This guide will help you achieve states of flow.

Unless you stop and take stock of what you choose to motivate you on a day to day basis, chances are you'll continue to run on inspiration, intuition, and gut feel. All these may sound good-in fact, a lot of people swear by them. But if you truly look at them and trace where they get their power from, they are all products of how you feel at a certain time and place. In other words, they are situational. You wouldn't want your circumstances to dictate your level of personal effectiveness. That power, that resolve, that drive, must come from within and nowhere else. After all, you can always control what you choose to think about or what you get emotional about.

Take control of this motivation by clicking HERE.

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