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Limiting Beliefs & How To Destroy Them

How to recognize the limiting beliefs we have that hold us back
Limiting Beliefs and How to Destroy Them

The human species is the most complex being known to man, due to the extended neural network we all have.

This highly evolved nervous system allows for complex thought processes, deep emotions and the ability to manipulate matter more than any other species we know of.

And though it appears that we are all demi-gods on planet Earth, we all have our own limitations, which stop us from achieving our best life or even being the best version of ourselves.

In this article, we’ll give you our insight on limiting beliefs and how to work through them, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

The Human OS

Just like smart devices (computers, smartphones, etc.), we humans also have an operational system (OS) we run on.

For smart devices, that may be Windows, iOS, Android or whatever else, but in our species, that operational system is called “mindset”.

Your mindset is made up of belief systems, which determine your interpretation of the world around you.

Besides that, the mindset you’re in will cause a loop which we’d like to refer to as the “Think>Feel>Behave” loop.

Example: You are low on money and your rent and bills are due soon


“I don’t have much money, I’m screwed, there’s nothing I can do.”


Desperation, scarcity - You’re about to hit rock bottom


You ask someone to lend you money / You start selling items of yours / You open up a line of credit

Now, certainly, asking someone for money or opening up a credit line can certainly save your butt, but really, think about it - Is that the only option that exists in the world? Probably not.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are basically any thoughts and opinions which appear to be the absolute, objective truth in your experience/situation.

These are essentially the things that keep you away from achieving your goals, whether they are financial goals, fitness goals, etc.

Now, in the context of greater achievement, limiting beliefs are something bad, but at their very core, limiting beliefs are your brain’s best bet.

Your brain, in fact, ALWAYS expects the worst, so that it can deal with whatever comes its way.

So to a certain extent, limiting beliefs are a survival mechanism that has evolved over millions of years.

However, nowadays we live during the safest time possible and even more so, the time with the greatest opportunities available globally.

That is to say that in the 21st century, limiting beliefs don’t really protect us, but rather block us from achieving our true potential.

“The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.”

- Tony Robbins

The Origin

Now, though limiting beliefs may have a negative impact on your personal and professional success, we are not really trying to guilt trip you here.

Even the most successful people have those limiting beliefs and it is a life-long quest to get over them.

The first step, before you try and destroy them, is to understand the origin of your self-limiting beliefs.

In the book “The biology of belief”, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how most of our self-limiting beliefs are developed throughout our earlier years (up to 7 years old).

During that time, the brain works in wavelengths that are very similar to those in a hypnotic state.

In other words, as kids, we are open to information, take everything for granted and accept it as the truth itself.

During our childhood we develop beliefs of all kinds - Ones that support our growth and character and also, ones that limit us from achieving during later stages of life.

The Quest

Those limiting beliefs we all hold only manifest during the later stages of life, when we have to take care of ourselves and work for our own development.

After your teenage years, your quest is to recognize and work through those limiting beliefs, in order to update your human OS and achieve any vision you may have.

In the second part of this article series, we’ll give you our actionable tips to help you bash through the door of limiting beliefs and create the best version of yourself possible.

Stay tuned!

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